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Mind Matters




Prototyping, Programming, Influencer Procurement, Account Management, Experience Design, Community Strategy, Mobilization

Chance The Rapper's SocialWorks, JED Foundation, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Passion Pit, acclaimed activist Ron Finley, artist Spencer Guilbuirt, advocate Larissa May


Creators have tremendous influence on culture, guiding millions through the content they create for their platforms. They've assumed a position of authority but still need support in feeling prepared to discuss complex and often sensitive topics, like mental health. Kindred Quests were created to solve that.


Strategy Justin led creator and community strategy in the development of Kindred's first Quest: events and activations that gather brands, nonprofits and influencers for education and identification of actionable, scalable solutions.

Outcome At Mind Matters, creators with a collective following of 16M+ learned how to make conversations about mental health easier to participate in and too loud to ignore. Influencer amplification of the event surpassed 4.6M impressions in 10 days. The event influenced the introduction of mental health resources before HBO programming and even drove a change in ABC’s newsroom policies for suicide coverage.

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