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A venture studio existing to create sustainable popular culture.

f r a m e w o r k _

6 C's:  Compassion, Community, Content, Cooperation, Commerce, Capital

c o n s u l t i n g _

Co-create strategy & initiatives for startups, Fortune 500s, creators, NGOs & agencies.

o r i g i n a l s _

Making things for impact and art's sake. We call the shots and do it for the culture.

a d v i s o r y _

Forging long-term relationships with individuals & organizations

who care to change the world.

Thanks for standing with impact!

Brands & cultural leaders are talking.


Jim Marsh, SVP Program Marketing

Justin was the lead driver in recruiting and developing a broad community of influential voices in the mental health space, an array of individuals that I was extremely impressed by. In a matter of weeks, he carefully curated an extremely diverse, qualified group of creators that brought their unique talents and connections to the table. The community has made concrete impact in the social good space, more than justifying HBO's investment in the initiative.


Natasha Mulla, Former Chief Experience Officer & Advisor, TIME'S UP

Justin's strategies enhanced the organization as a whole, developing content, partnership, and experiential opportunities that benefitted the Kindred community and business growth. His passion and innovation continued to challenge the status quo and ensured we maintained an authentic, valuable relationship with our community.


What I gained from the certification was a more well-rounded understanding of how to open up and talk to others about mental health. I’ve done so in the past, and using the skills I learned through this initiative combined with what I have done will make me more comfortable in the realm of discussing mental health.


John Quigley, Campaign Director

Thanks for everything you pulled together at lightning speed. We appreciate your support for the Amazon Emergency Fund and Artists for Amazonia.

Hope Schwing, Tik Tok Star

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